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Art Workshops for Teens

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Get Ahead of Back-to-School Angst with Creative Journaling

New Workshop Starts August 23rd!

The end of summer, whether your kid is returning to a familiar school or making the transition to high school, can be an anxiety-provoking time.

Just in time for back-to-school jitters, our last ART THERAPY WORKSHOP of the summer gives teens a safe outlet for expression, a positive experience of social connection with peers and an opportunity for self-discovery. Click here to learn more about the benefits of art therapy groups for teens or keep reading to find out more about our Creative Journaling Group.

Creative Journaling Workshop for Teens and Tweens

This unique eight-hour workshop, given over two half-days, introduces teens and tweens to CREATIVE JOURNALING, a fun and inspiring activity that encourages meaningful self-exploration and expression. A journal is not just a book of words!  It can be a home for the many elements of your teen's heart, mind and essence.

In this workshop, participants will make their own journal and learn art-making techniques for their creative journaling, including drawing, painting and collage. They will also learn how creative journaling can help them process confusing emotions, explore their emerging identity and build self-esteem.

No talent or previous art experience is required.  For teens aged 14 to 16. Younger teens or tweens may be admitted. The $280 fee includes all materials. Registration ends soon!

When and where: Our offices on Thursday, August 23, and Friday, August 24, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Click below to register your tween or teen or contact us to learn more.

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Our Art Therapist and Teen Specialist

As a licensed psychotherapist and professional art therapist, Samantha Abdallah, has been working with kids and teens for over eight years. She is highly adept at creating a safe, supportive environment to help group participants and therapy clients work through difficult feelings and experiences. Samantha is passionate about connecting with young people, using art to help them find their voice when words alone fail them. 

Learn more about our Art Therapist, Samantha Abdallah.




Teens and Art Therapy Groups a Perfect Match


Being a teen is hard. It can be a time of overwhelming change, physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. And the swirl of confusing emotions inside of them makes self-understanding and communication all the more challenging.



Why Art?

An art-based approach is particularly effective and ideally suited to young people. Combining the creative process with a safe, supportive environment, art therapy allows kids to express themselves beyond the limitations of the spoken word. They can discover the power of their own creativity to understand themselves better, identify personal strengths and learn new, healthier ways of handling distress. 

Why a Group?  

A group setting is a great match for teens as it helps combat loneliness and gives young people the positive connection with peers they so crave at this stage of their development. The professional art therapist also plays a central role in creating the context of safety and respect so that all participants can feel heard and supported.

Click below to register your teen or tween for our Creative Journaling Workshop or contact us for more information.

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