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Elaine Lang, Financial Organizer

Elaine Lang is a financial coach and organizer who works both independently and as part of the team at Couple and Family therapy Montreal. With 13 years' experience and a strong background in accounting, Elaine is passionate about helping couples get on the same page about their finances.

While managing money with your significant other is critical for a healthy relationship, it can be fraught with challenges. Partners may have divergent spending styles, varying views on saving and investing, or different tolerance levels for financial risk or debt.

Elaine can help you and your partner organize and manage your finances, eliminate wasteful spending and reduce debt, to ultimately restore harmony to your relationship. 

Elaine teaches couples how to create and stick to a budget both partners will feel comfortable with. She assesses total income and expenses and shows you how to make simple but powerful changes that yield big results. Finally, Elaine will meet with you regularly to monitor your progress and fine-tune your plan as needed.

Elaine also works with individuals and businesses. She has been featured on CBC radio and in The Montreal Gazette.

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