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Isabel Melo
Isabel Melo started off as a sole practitioner, but in 2014, she founded Couple and Family Therapy Montreal to help more people improve their relationships and their lives. Unlike many other centres, Couple and Family Therapy Montreal has remained a small, family-style practice because Isabel is highly selective about the therapists she hires. "We are a relationship centre, so first and foremost, our therapists understand deeply the importance of connection with those we love. Also, we are focused on growth and healing, not superficial behaviour change, which can't be sustained over time. We share core values and a common vision." 
"That's why I'm comfortable recommending any one of our therapists to even members of my own family. Our couple therapists each have specialized training in couple therapy. That makes all the difference!  We also have art therapists who are great at connecting with teens, a deeply compassionate parenting coach who helps parents get to the root of the problem, and a money coach who specializes in working with couples!  And they are all passionate about what they do."


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