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Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids

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 Is Your Child Hard to Parent?

Does parenting seem harder than it should be?  Are you frustrated with your child’s behaviour, or feeling guilty because you're a "bad" parent?

You are not alone.

In some ways, parenting is harder today than ever before. You are meant to be the most important person in your child’s life, but you are also meant to have the help and support of many significant others.

This “village of attachment” and support no longer exists in our society. So parents are left to go it alone. And this can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

What Makes Our Parenting Approach Different

We offer an alternative to the punitive, fear- and separation-based methods prevalent in most of the parenting literature today. Our approach, pioneered by renowned developmental psychologist, Gordon Neufeld, puts you back in touch with your parenting intuition and restores you to your natural authoritative role as provider and nurturer to your children.

We help you understand your child from the inside out. Instead of focusing on the "misbehaviour", we help you to gain insight into why your children are behaving the way they are, so that you can address the underlying problem instead of dealing with just the symptoms.

We help you understand and meet your children’s fundamental developmental needs, which are: 

  • A secure attachment to you and other adults responsible for their care;
  • Discipline that does not punish or divide; and
  • Structure, rituals and routines to compensate for children's natural immaturity and help keep them out of trouble.

We help you parent from a place of understanding, love and connection. In short, we show you how you are the answer to your child.

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Couple and Family Therapy Montreal provides parenting consulting, individual therapy, couple therapy and family therapy in Montreal, Quebec. If you, your relationship or your family are in need of extra support through a challenging situation or you are ready for some positive changes in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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