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Sex Therapy

Have You Lost Your Sexual Connection?

Do you and your partner have differing sex drives? Are you concerned about your sexual performance or infrequent sex?  Are you feeling undesirable or inadequate in your relationship?  Or perhaps you and your partner are the best of friends but struggle to make it work in the bedroom.

It's Time to Talk

Whatever your sexual intimacy issues, we can help you explore the emotional component that might be getting in the way of a more intimate connection, show you how to talk about your sexual wants and needs with your partner, and help you to rediscover, or discover for the first time, the joys of sex.

Sex therapy can also benefit individuals. You may want to understand your sexuality better or develop a deeper connection with your sexuality, or explore other issues related to your sexual functioning.

About Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a specialized branch of couple therapy and is not very different from other forms of talk therapy. Our sex therapists are trained both in couple therapy and sexology and have expertise in specific sexual issues. They also specialize in LGBTQ-related issues.

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If your sex life could use a boost or you have questions about your sexuality, click below to contact Couple and Family Therapy Montreal. We can help you and your partner develop a more intimate, fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship.

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