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Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids

virtual group for parents
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Virtual Group for Parents of Anxious Kids

Does your Child:

  • Desperately cling to you when it's time for school or daycare?
  • Struggle being alone, even when you are in the same house?
  • Feel too scared to fall asleep without you?
  • Constantly worry or have negative thoughts?
  • Avoid everyday activities, such as seeing friends or going outside?

This fall, Couple and Family Therapy Montreal will be running a six-week, 12-hour online group, Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids, for parents of children who struggle with anxiety.

Why a Group?

Traditional wisdom has always recognized the healing potential of gathering in community. In more recent times, practitioners have rediscovered the curative power of groups. Participants benefit not just from the content of groups but also from the presence and support of caring others experiencing similar challenges.

Groups and Parents a Great Fit

Parents in particular benefit from the group experience. Whereas historically, we had a village to raise our kids, modern parents largely do the work of parenting in isolation. It’s lonely. And it’s overwhelming. We need a village.

Anxiety, an Epidemic?

As of a couple of months ago, 40% of paediatric beds in Quebec hospitals were occupied by children and teens suffering from anxiety and depression. Forty percent! Not for common childhood conditions such as asthma or broken bones, but anxiety and depression. This is a stunning and disturbing statistic.

Our ApproachCouple Therapy Session

At Couple and Family Therapy Montreal, our first line of treatment for children has always been to work with the parents, because you, the parent, are uniquely positioned to help your kids. Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids is designed to treat children’s anxiety even though it is the parent who attends the sessions, not the child.


What You’ll Learn

Parents are not to blame for their kids’ anxiety, but there are often ways in which a parent may unwittingly be keeping a child stuck in anxiety. Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids focuses on changes that you the parent can make in your own behaviour. You do not have to make your child change.

The main changes this course will help you make are to:

  • Respond more supportively to your anxious child
  • Reduce accommodating behaviours that may be maintaining anxiety symptoms and keeping your child stuck in anxiety

Other strategies you will learn to help your child overcome anxiety include:

  • Working on your relationship with your child to foster or restore a foundation of security, often overlooked in other treatments for anxiety
  • Restoring or establishing your parental authority
  • Nurturing your child's resilience in anxiety-provoking situations that cannot be changed or avoided
  • For older children, helping them cultivate courage to face their fears and worries
  • Helping your child take up a relationship with worry and anxiety

With the strategies you learn in this workshop and the changes you make, you will help your child: 

  • Feel more secure so that good-byes are not such a struggle
  • Feel more confident in unfamiliar situations
  • Fall asleep more easily without you
  • Manage worries and negative thoughts in a healthier way
  • Build resilience to better move through difficult feelings and experiences 

Dates and Fee

Facilitated by Isabel Melo, psychotherapist, couple and family therapist and parent educator, Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids, will meet every Wednesday for six weeks, from October 13 to November 17, 2021, from 10 a.m. to noon.

This will be a small group, with a maximum of eight participants, to give parents an optimal learning experience.

The fee for the 12-hour group is $495 (taxes not included). Click here to register.

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